reduce glare
reduce glare
reduce glare
reduce glare
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188bet体育官方网址 Low Vision Filters are the point where utility and comfort converge, providing essential light management, visibility and protection with an eye on wear-ability. 188bet体育官方网址 sunglasses are available in dozens of comfortable and fashionable styles, many with top and side-shield protection and designed to fit over prescription glasses. The 188bet体育官方网址 Low Vision Filter System is made in the USA.





The 188bet体育官方网址 Filter system employs the same technology used for laser protective eyewear, relieving glare by absorbing the short wavelengths of the visible spectrum that can scatter within the ocular media. Unlike polarization which limits glare caused by 'scatter' by reducing only specifically oriented light waves, NOIR filters prevent greater than 99% of all glare-causing high-energy short wavelengths from reaching the eye. Not only is this absorption of energy the most effective way to reduce glare, it also has the effect of enhancing contrast by highlighting visual distinction.

All filters absorb ultraviolet radiation to 400nm, with many lenses also blocking blue light, protecting the retina from high-energy wavelengths which may contribute to the degenerative process culminating in macular degeneration. 188bet体育官方网址 series filters also cut infrared wavelengths, ‘cooling’ the light by reducing the heat energy of the sun to provide a more soothing, comfortable viewing experience.


Pediatric Frames for all your Child's Needs

188bet体育官方网址 pediatric frames provide close, face-fitting protection for toddlers, children, pre-teens and adolescents, and include wrap-around, fitover and flip-clip options.